Look into self-defense classes if you are worried about being physically harassed or assaulted.

IMPACT self-defense classes teach verbal skills for deescalating problems as well as physical skills, and provides specific classes for people with disabilities. There are chapters in major cities throughout the US, and some of their chapters offer LGBTQ-specific classes.

Many dojos (schools of the martial arts) also have a Self Defense Class or offer lessons for beginners.

There will often be specific seminars for children, if they are being bullied in schools, while adult classes are usually offered as being specific to women’s self-defense. If the owner of the school is sympathetic, though, they will often allow men to join and learn basics (usually how to break out of wrist grabs and choke holds, as well as the most effective moves to ward off an attacker).

Learn the Center for Anti-Violence Education’s Safety Tips.

Washington D.C.’s Defend Yourself “Learn Something Now” section has videos with self-defense tips.