Anyone speaking their mind online will encounter those who disagree. That’s a mind-expanding benefit of opening yourself up to the wider world. Some, though, may come under attack and no one deserves that kind of hatefulness.

You can take steps to protect your online safety.

The Speak Up & Stay Safe(r) guide is intended for those targeted online by individuals, loosely organized groups & cybermobs. It covers:

  • Preventing Doxxing (the publication of your private information)
  • Passwords & Login Security
  • Website Security
  • Social Media
  • Online Gaming Security
  • Physical Mail
  • Documenting
  • Reporting to Social Media
  • Reporting to Law Enforcement
  • Plan For Support & Back-up
  • Self-Care

Human rights defenders concerned with attacks from governments, major corporations, or other massively organized and/or resourced institutions should consult The Front Line Defenders Workbook on Security.