These are stressful times—and one of the sources of stress is potential loss or reduction of insurance coverage and low-cost or free healthcare facilities.

If your coverage makes you eligible for preventative care, don’t put off those appointments. Get routine screenings done, confirm and renew your prescriptions, update any immunizations that are due, get your vision and hearing tested if you’ve got coverage, and generally make full use of the insurance you have now.

This goes for dental care too. Get that mild toothache seen to now, lest it become a bigger problem later when it might also be a bigger pain in your wallet.

No matter what happens you’ll be more knowledgable about what you can do to stay healthier. If there’s something wrong, you can address it now while you’ve got more options. And if your coverage or local resources get worse, you’ll at least be closer to current with your healthcare than you would have been otherwise.